Friday, August 7, 2009

Missing My Glam'Babies

I must admit....I am feeling kinda sorry for myself...why? Let's say because I have raised 4 wonderful human beings and the first two are adults and living in the Pacific Northwest. Great you say? Sadly for me they have the most adorable children, my son has 2 and my beautiful daughter has 2, however, I am not able to hold or kiss them because I am in the South. No, not South America! Anyhow, this is a picture of Saaj and Gwyneth in our home in Belle Meade. I miss walking them across the street to the park and taking them to see Martha at the plantation. I so miss the laughter and funny faces that Saaj would make when his Uncle Wellington did something he knew could get him in a spot of heat with me. Gwyneth learned to walk on December 25th in our living room. We vacationed this past June and were afforded the opportunity to take them to daycare and gather kisses throughout our two weeks....but it's not the same. Perhaps I shouldn't blog about this but I believe in being true to the Spirit of Truth. Poking around on blogs sort of got to me when I found Carolyn and her gardens, then I found kindred souls that enjoy Victorian and all things British...heaven forbid I found junkers and writers, lovers of history and humanity...I was hooked! My oldest son and daughter are a distant memory...only because they choose to live life and not include me...It can I make sense of raising two incredibly Great human beings and watch society win their hearts? No answer but choice. Well, I do have delicious memories and the chance to share with my sweeties Wellington and Wisdom. Thank the memory angels for photos both physical and mental that I can capture my Glam'babies any moment I feel the need. Will you keep Gwyneth, Saaj, Rie'Annuh and Michael in your prayers? They are amazing and I believe your prayers will make it even more so!


  1. Oh, the pain of growing children and letting them go. I *know*-it is so hard! Thanks for the visit to my place.

  2. I am a new grandma and am missing my two month old granddaughter like crazy! We live in Washington - a long plane ride from Texas - where our oldest son, his wife and baby live. My husband and I spent five glorious days with them right after Claire was born. Our lifeline is a multitude of pictures and little videos they send us via their iphones. Both of our sons live in other areas, and that creates heartache for me. I am comforted that they are happy. And I choose happiness for myself. But I understand how hard it is to let them go.

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